About the initiative

Understanding and tracking marketers’ attitudes, sentiment and outlook

We believe that marketing means more than communications. As customer and insight champions, experts in proposition development and architects of competitive advantage, we believe that marketers play an instrumental role in shaping an organisation’s future performance. With such a pivotal role in marshalling the ideas, intelligence and resource to fuel (or dampen) growth, the attitude, sentiment and outlook of this community should be considered an important future indicator.

Introducing the Marketing Confidence Monitor: a quarterly benchmark of marketing sentiment, comprising a trackable index score as well as in-depth analysis of the issues underlying the numbers.

Launched in October 2012 and supported by Bloomberg, this important business barometer secured responses from over 1,750 UK marketers in its last quarterly survey – making it the largest and most representative study of its kind drawing input across a diverse range of industries, sizes of company and levels of seniority.

Scope of the research

The Marketing Confidence Monitor addresses:

  • Cross-sector perspectives, spanning both B2B, B2C and non-profit/public sector
  • All company sizes from independent consultants and SMEs to blue-chip corporates
  • All management levels, from early-career junior marketers to CMOs and other top executives

Key research issues addressed each quarter include:

  • Business performance

    Business performance

  • Budgets and investment

    Budgets and investment

  • Careers and development

    Careers and development

  • Macro-economic and growth

    Macro-economic and growth